Monday, October 28, 2013

OOTD: Rainy day & ORANGE!

I love the rain as much as the stars.
Another post I managed to put up in the midst of busy busy week:p So many things to do this week, well starting from the exam week to Indonesian Night preparation, also the school project I've been involved in, well oh well. But, I seemed to get the time to slacking off a bit, which is to blog, watch lil' bit of tv (Carrie Diaries anyone?:)), eat and eat. I find those more as a good break, really.

 On to the OOTD, I know summer is over here, which is sad and good at the same time. Sad that sometimes I hate the chills, but I also love my jackets & stockings! This OOTD anyway is still summer-ish themed and sort of easy rainy day outfit I would called say. It would definitely be appropriate for those living in tropical countries. Well, not as cold as Korea now;;

  Love the "carrot" beanie as I like to call it, I found it on sale in the men section of Forever21. It's the right amount pop of color in this black & white outfit. Still obsessed with white shoes, I think it makes you look taller since I am not the tallest girl around. The cut-out shoulder definitely my favorite summer trend, it's an understated way to show some skin, I think!
Cut-out Shoulders T
White Shorts
Beige Shoulder Bag - H&M
Orange Benie - Forever21 Men
White Shoes
BTW, miss my long long hair:"
This week seems so much has going on, next week seems to be a lot more hectic as there's so much things to do. I can't really imagine how next week will be. I will be having 'an official' presentation in Korean which is rare. I wouldn't say my Korean is the best, especially speaking. It is super duper nerve-wrecking. But, I guess life's about challenges and something new, so.
Well, happy autumn & beware of the cold(sad that I already caught it)!
 To be honest, I took these OOTD pics in the summer. There are actually more of summer OOTD I haven't posted due to my laziness;; So, I'll post some summer & autumn-themed OOTD back and forth in the future.
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 On Repeat: Elliott Smith - Between The Bars

Ever since I saw the movie "Stuck in Love", I've been kinda obsessing over this song.
What a beautiful dark song.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

OOTD: Laid Back Checkered.

1. Having a pattern of alternating squares of different colors.
2. Marked by periods of varied fortune or discreditable incidents.
-English Dictionary

Oh hello folks! well, it's been a while since the last OOTD post, by the way I think I should really be creative with my posts, right? Haha well, maybe not only OOTD all the time, any ideas? Probably a review of movies, a song.. nope, a band maybe, a cafe? haha next when I had the right amount of time I can invest in, sure those "creative" post will be posted:))

On the OOTD! I was trying to put up a look that is laid back and easy, effortless for sure. I really like the trend of tying your checkered shirt on your waist, I think it's so effortlessly cool! Haha. Anyway, any black top would work, but I just have to wear this black crop top from H&M I've been loving. It's been my favorite all summer, so better wear it before the crop top era dies down and the cold autumn arrives!
 For Jeans, I choose a rather high-waisted boyfriend jeans that tighter at the bottom and a chunky heeled white shoes. Heels are always great with boyfriend jeans, and white shoes are not to forget, it elongates your leg:)

 Crop Top - H&M
Checkered Shirt - Vintage
Earring & Bracelet - Forever21
Shoulder Bag - Vintage
Shoes - GMarket
Red Matte Lips - FaceShop
Thanks Filia & Saras for the photos and sure we always had fun taking those OOTDs:D

A little of my life is that it is definite that I have been pretty busy these past weeks! School stuff really got me, sure there have been some slacking time here and there but still. So, while the midst of busy week, I get the mood for writing:D But, I did many things as well these past weeks like going to Busan Kyungsung Univ. Fashion Festival & BIFF! I'll update in the next post:))

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Music: On Repeat.
 Love this song, dance, hair and style in this video!
Hands down one of the most fierce woman in KPop:D

Sunday, September 15, 2013

OOTD: Pattern, The Clash

An OOTD post! So, this is the infamous PATTERN CLASH that is fun and quite scary at the same time. Well, there's nothing wrong in clashing pattern, but would it be appropriate for the eyes;) There's almost bigger chances to mess up in clashing pattern. By any means, I am no expert in clashing pattern, but this is just how I interpreted it:))

Pardon the super-happy-looking me above;) As you can see I tried playing with one color tone which is pink on both of my upper and pants. I had smaller prints on my shirt and bigger ones on my pants, I think that's one of the trick of pattern clashing, Bigger print with Smaller print:DD

Top - Forever21
Big Cross Earrings - Forever21
Printed Pants - H&M
Shoes - GMarket

Below is the styling video by my dearest friend Filia;)
It's the new semester, back to school again! Sure is, going back to school after a long summer break feels just weird and I get lazier day by day which is bad:( I've been delaying all my schoolwork all week, it just still feels like  holiday huhu. Maybe I should find some motivation or else I'll be more and more slacking.

Well, now it's already another short holiday; 추석! It's Korean Thanksgiving and we all got 3 days holiday here. So yay, more holiday and more lazy days hehe. But, this short holiday I will try to do something more productive maybe, like studying TOPIK(Korean Language Proficiency Test), tidying up my room, work out, or another photoshoot! Yup, I'll be posting up some photos from the photoshoot in the portfolio part;))

Btw, I finally got my camera! I got it from my dad, it was his. From now on, I'll take more pictures:DD

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

OOTD: Summer Crop & Stripes!

Hi, Hello:)) Another OOTD post and I sort of putting up the crop top trend and stripes! Now, it seems crop top is on the rage, everyone hunting for the most fitted, best length crop top. Well, this one I wore, I cropped it myself;p
The crop top trend which existed since the 50s is definitely one of my favorite trend in this summer. Crop top definitely shaped you in the right way, it accentuates your waist. So, I had waist! I paired up the crop top with a dress, that look like a skirt which is nice. Another trend that I've so everywhere this summer is the sports apparel. People had jerseys and baseball t-shirts wore everywhere, even brand like H&M sold pretty ones. The top I wore, not only cropped but also sports inspired, so.

(I will update with the styling video ASAP!)

Little of my summer break, I finished shooting our little indie movie with our friends and now I have been so bored ha ha. Well, despite the fact that I had to make like a tour itenerary-thingy for my family when they come to visit  here, Korea. Wow, less then a week, miss them ABUNDANTLY!!

 See yaa;)

Friday, August 2, 2013

Through Naivety.

We are not really sane if you think about it, but we do strive for the definition of sane and normality.
What we know, we are weary enough and unbounded.

We're on a boat, a journey.
Or are we floating alone?

Hate the waves and chills.
Likewise, we hate to be still.
We are easy to be bored and hate the dull light in the morning.
What we like is to be the star or sunshine.
But we never walk the water and fire.

A coward..

But a Reign in the making.

Wait and see.
Through Naivety.
Through those fallings, in love and despair.
We're finally through and prepare to RUN.

Of all, we are young.

Teaser Photo for the upcoming post;)

Hi, I decided to write this poetry (kind-of) thingy, well, just random words I had on my mind. If it gets confusing, nevermind this post haha.
Well, I put up a photo of me doing some kind of photoshoot. It's a project to help my friends making portfolios. The process was definitely fun and addicting haha. I will put up the rest later;) 

This week been pretty busy, slightly. Well, I sort of trying yo find something to do in this long summer break and ended up going out almost everyday. Good thing, then and I had so much fun this week! First, we have photo-shoots, everyday reading for our little movie, Bubble tea hunting(Gong cha!), and so on. So much for trying to make yourself busy, eh. It's better than locking yourself in room, right?;)

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

OOTD: Easy Summer Preppy.

I managed to sit and write this OOTD post, so YAY!

well, within a week I get to post something new on this lonely little blog, that's definitely something new ya;) I want to start this fashion-themed blog goin, so an OOTD post is perfect, and a little blab.

I went to  Seomyeon 서면 (Busan, South Korea) with my friends wanting to try a very recommended dessert cafe called Tokyoloose. We've been soooooo excited about trying the sweet sweets!

On to the outfit, who said you can't be preppy in the summer?! 
Well, I felt sort of preppy all of the sudden due to my new (and was on sale!) Uniqlo polo shirt. There's something about those navy and bronze-y color combination in that shirt that I love. Then I put on simple black and rather dressy shorts which compliment nicely with the polo, I think that the look will not be a too dressy, because of it is shorts. So, don't be afraid to have a more formal vintage shoulder bag. For shoes, I have white lace-up shoes. One thing is that white shoes definitely make you seemed taller, aren't it?! Or a nude shoes, especially in your skin tone or color.
Not to forget, your fave sunglasses to go;)

 Well well, I managed to took some pictures with my friend and pretty restaurants in Soemyon Area. It felt like the first year all over again when I first came to Korea. I felt like a tourist! haha.
 Also a snap with me and Totoro!!
 Pics by Saras.
Round Sunnies - Kyobo Bookstore
Polo Shirt - Uniqlo
Shorts - Uniqlo
Vintage Shoulder Bag
White Lace-up Shoes

 I went to a dessert cafe named Tokyoloose 도쿄루즈 @ Seomyeon 서면. I ordered a super nice and heavenly custard pie-thingy which name I don't recall. The dessert so so good! I also ordered a berry ade with real berries! I heard from my friend that the cafe is super famous that people from Seoul also came here to dive in the sweets. Thanks Filia for the recommendation;)

To be honest, I really want to show the cafe interior and stuff, but my camera is definitely old and has some problems with the batteries. So..:( As soon as I get the camera fixed, I will definitely put on more pics and fun stuffies! Thanks for reading:))

Monday, July 29, 2013

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Long Time No See, Blog!❤

Well, I have been on a voluntarily hiatus due to my laziness in doing the blog and everything else, and also due to the final exam, my Seoul trip(yay!), and so on. But, since it's officially already a summer break and I already did wasting my time by watching tons of movies and dramas, I shouldn't said I was wasting my time though since I love it he he he, anyway, now I come back with a OOTD post!

It's been a lonely blog and I never posted anything since long time ago, so I want to start doing the blog really dilligently(finger crossed) and hope I can do it for a long time.

This OOTD it's an old one TBH, but better late than never aye?

So (!), me and my friends decided to go to a cafe and take some pictures, very model-esque, model-wannabe pictures like that(ya?) and then sort of posing for videos:p Well, we've been loving those youtubers with great lookbooks and fashion stuff, especially Jenn from clothesencounters, most of us are her fan, I am. Great sense, simple pretty videos, love it!  So, we're thinking of making one of those out of curiosity and of course for fun, since fashion is definitely fun and we love it ha ha ha. So, yeah, We did the first one in the spring time. I want to post that but, it's summer and why looking to a video with stockings and tights he he, but I will post that maybe in the Fall time. The video was taken and edited prettily by friend Filia.:) (HERE is her blog post!)

Here's the video

On to the styling(mine's the second one), I've been putting up a look that I think it will be best for summer in the colder areas like some areas in the US  or save it for later, when the fall arrive and you ready to transition from summer to fall with thrill of bright colors!

Peachy Pink Blazer - Forever21
Vintage Turtle Neck Tank
Paint Splattered Jeans Shorts
Black Mary Jane

I paired up a peachy pink blazer with a slight turtle neck tank-top and also a short with splashes of paint, I think. You know what, this short reminded me of a bag in the tv series "The Carrie Diaries", where Carrie sort of customize her bag with splashes of nail polishes. Oh, I love that show. And for the shoes I keep simple with a black mary jane pumps and green knee-high socks.

I would like to say that this look had a 90's vibe or so, because of the bright blazer and the slight turtle neck. I also tried to rock a midi cross earings, which those kind-of earings always remind me of madonna in the 90's. Correct me if I wrong;)

 Love these photos of me and my friends, Wanda & Jessica!

See ya in another!
Photos taken by Saras.

Monday, April 29, 2013


When you are torn, you lead yourself to a decision of not moving, a halt.
A decision to not making a decision.
It involves time and crazy thinking, crazy heart.
It takes you to unique challenges, open winding road.
It lets you live in different worlds you somehow created, the what ifs and prognosis.
It tilt your head, turn it around like no other.
But, it is scarier to be oblivious and ignorant.

So, decision decision.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Enjoy Right Now!

Do think of what ifs, but now all you have right now is now.


I'd like to imagine things in the future, a year from now or even 10 years from now. Those are more of dreams and not plans. I guess I am still figuring things out, how I should do one and another. Too much thinking can lead to headaches, really. So, how about making baby steps, plan the to-do list, organize yourself, enjoy yourself and most of all, BE HAPPY & BE MORE THAN HAPPY!

One of the things that makes me happy is: GIRLS TIME!
Somehow we'll always find a way to have great time, like photo time!


Jaguar Sweater
Maxi Pleated Skirt - Forever21
Dark Brown Boots
Drawstring Bag - "Cossette" Vintage Store
and me, as a wannabe photographer;)

Photo by Saras & Filia.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Too Much Recreation for the Mind..

Excessive daydreaming is just too overrated to miss out life.

I've been so good in procrastinating, I've been way to casual. It's been a habit, really. a bad one. I'm always playing games or looking at youtube videos whenever I sat down in front of my computer, trying to finish my homework. I've been feeding up my mind with all these fun stuff and no work. While I always dreaming about perfect A pluses:" Guess I missed out all the opportunities of so many good things all this time.

So, I start studying long before the test:p
Baby steps;)

a Hello and a Hi!

Hello, Hi!
I am not the best person in putting myself on words. So, bear with me:D I really want to start this blog thingy, I just thought this would be fun HAHA.

Pardon for the awkward writing:D

Btw, Spring says Hi;)
See you in more Blabbers.