Friday, August 2, 2013

Through Naivety.

We are not really sane if you think about it, but we do strive for the definition of sane and normality.
What we know, we are weary enough and unbounded.

We're on a boat, a journey.
Or are we floating alone?

Hate the waves and chills.
Likewise, we hate to be still.
We are easy to be bored and hate the dull light in the morning.
What we like is to be the star or sunshine.
But we never walk the water and fire.

A coward..

But a Reign in the making.

Wait and see.
Through Naivety.
Through those fallings, in love and despair.
We're finally through and prepare to RUN.

Of all, we are young.

Teaser Photo for the upcoming post;)

Hi, I decided to write this poetry (kind-of) thingy, well, just random words I had on my mind. If it gets confusing, nevermind this post haha.
Well, I put up a photo of me doing some kind of photoshoot. It's a project to help my friends making portfolios. The process was definitely fun and addicting haha. I will put up the rest later;) 

This week been pretty busy, slightly. Well, I sort of trying yo find something to do in this long summer break and ended up going out almost everyday. Good thing, then and I had so much fun this week! First, we have photo-shoots, everyday reading for our little movie, Bubble tea hunting(Gong cha!), and so on. So much for trying to make yourself busy, eh. It's better than locking yourself in room, right?;)

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