Monday, July 29, 2013

Long Time No See, Blog!❤

Well, I have been on a voluntarily hiatus due to my laziness in doing the blog and everything else, and also due to the final exam, my Seoul trip(yay!), and so on. But, since it's officially already a summer break and I already did wasting my time by watching tons of movies and dramas, I shouldn't said I was wasting my time though since I love it he he he, anyway, now I come back with a OOTD post!

It's been a lonely blog and I never posted anything since long time ago, so I want to start doing the blog really dilligently(finger crossed) and hope I can do it for a long time.

This OOTD it's an old one TBH, but better late than never aye?

So (!), me and my friends decided to go to a cafe and take some pictures, very model-esque, model-wannabe pictures like that(ya?) and then sort of posing for videos:p Well, we've been loving those youtubers with great lookbooks and fashion stuff, especially Jenn from clothesencounters, most of us are her fan, I am. Great sense, simple pretty videos, love it!  So, we're thinking of making one of those out of curiosity and of course for fun, since fashion is definitely fun and we love it ha ha ha. So, yeah, We did the first one in the spring time. I want to post that but, it's summer and why looking to a video with stockings and tights he he, but I will post that maybe in the Fall time. The video was taken and edited prettily by friend Filia.:) (HERE is her blog post!)

Here's the video

On to the styling(mine's the second one), I've been putting up a look that I think it will be best for summer in the colder areas like some areas in the US  or save it for later, when the fall arrive and you ready to transition from summer to fall with thrill of bright colors!

Peachy Pink Blazer - Forever21
Vintage Turtle Neck Tank
Paint Splattered Jeans Shorts
Black Mary Jane

I paired up a peachy pink blazer with a slight turtle neck tank-top and also a short with splashes of paint, I think. You know what, this short reminded me of a bag in the tv series "The Carrie Diaries", where Carrie sort of customize her bag with splashes of nail polishes. Oh, I love that show. And for the shoes I keep simple with a black mary jane pumps and green knee-high socks.

I would like to say that this look had a 90's vibe or so, because of the bright blazer and the slight turtle neck. I also tried to rock a midi cross earings, which those kind-of earings always remind me of madonna in the 90's. Correct me if I wrong;)

 Love these photos of me and my friends, Wanda & Jessica!

See ya in another!
Photos taken by Saras.

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