Sunday, September 15, 2013

OOTD: Pattern, The Clash

An OOTD post! So, this is the infamous PATTERN CLASH that is fun and quite scary at the same time. Well, there's nothing wrong in clashing pattern, but would it be appropriate for the eyes;) There's almost bigger chances to mess up in clashing pattern. By any means, I am no expert in clashing pattern, but this is just how I interpreted it:))

Pardon the super-happy-looking me above;) As you can see I tried playing with one color tone which is pink on both of my upper and pants. I had smaller prints on my shirt and bigger ones on my pants, I think that's one of the trick of pattern clashing, Bigger print with Smaller print:DD

Top - Forever21
Big Cross Earrings - Forever21
Printed Pants - H&M
Shoes - GMarket

Below is the styling video by my dearest friend Filia;)
It's the new semester, back to school again! Sure is, going back to school after a long summer break feels just weird and I get lazier day by day which is bad:( I've been delaying all my schoolwork all week, it just still feels like  holiday huhu. Maybe I should find some motivation or else I'll be more and more slacking.

Well, now it's already another short holiday; 추석! It's Korean Thanksgiving and we all got 3 days holiday here. So yay, more holiday and more lazy days hehe. But, this short holiday I will try to do something more productive maybe, like studying TOPIK(Korean Language Proficiency Test), tidying up my room, work out, or another photoshoot! Yup, I'll be posting up some photos from the photoshoot in the portfolio part;))

Btw, I finally got my camera! I got it from my dad, it was his. From now on, I'll take more pictures:DD


  1. i really love the pattern clash! and i last pic is so gorgeous ><

    1. Thanks&btw, love your style too. followed:))

  2. Hey, I just blog walking and I found your blog. Your style was gorgeous!

    Wanna follow each other maybe?