Monday, October 28, 2013

OOTD: Rainy day & ORANGE!

I love the rain as much as the stars.
Another post I managed to put up in the midst of busy busy week:p So many things to do this week, well starting from the exam week to Indonesian Night preparation, also the school project I've been involved in, well oh well. But, I seemed to get the time to slacking off a bit, which is to blog, watch lil' bit of tv (Carrie Diaries anyone?:)), eat and eat. I find those more as a good break, really.

 On to the OOTD, I know summer is over here, which is sad and good at the same time. Sad that sometimes I hate the chills, but I also love my jackets & stockings! This OOTD anyway is still summer-ish themed and sort of easy rainy day outfit I would called say. It would definitely be appropriate for those living in tropical countries. Well, not as cold as Korea now;;

  Love the "carrot" beanie as I like to call it, I found it on sale in the men section of Forever21. It's the right amount pop of color in this black & white outfit. Still obsessed with white shoes, I think it makes you look taller since I am not the tallest girl around. The cut-out shoulder definitely my favorite summer trend, it's an understated way to show some skin, I think!
Cut-out Shoulders T
White Shorts
Beige Shoulder Bag - H&M
Orange Benie - Forever21 Men
White Shoes
BTW, miss my long long hair:"
This week seems so much has going on, next week seems to be a lot more hectic as there's so much things to do. I can't really imagine how next week will be. I will be having 'an official' presentation in Korean which is rare. I wouldn't say my Korean is the best, especially speaking. It is super duper nerve-wrecking. But, I guess life's about challenges and something new, so.
Well, happy autumn & beware of the cold(sad that I already caught it)!
 To be honest, I took these OOTD pics in the summer. There are actually more of summer OOTD I haven't posted due to my laziness;; So, I'll post some summer & autumn-themed OOTD back and forth in the future.
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 On Repeat: Elliott Smith - Between The Bars

Ever since I saw the movie "Stuck in Love", I've been kinda obsessing over this song.
What a beautiful dark song.