Wednesday, July 31, 2013

OOTD: Easy Summer Preppy.

I managed to sit and write this OOTD post, so YAY!

well, within a week I get to post something new on this lonely little blog, that's definitely something new ya;) I want to start this fashion-themed blog goin, so an OOTD post is perfect, and a little blab.

I went to  Seomyeon 서면 (Busan, South Korea) with my friends wanting to try a very recommended dessert cafe called Tokyoloose. We've been soooooo excited about trying the sweet sweets!

On to the outfit, who said you can't be preppy in the summer?! 
Well, I felt sort of preppy all of the sudden due to my new (and was on sale!) Uniqlo polo shirt. There's something about those navy and bronze-y color combination in that shirt that I love. Then I put on simple black and rather dressy shorts which compliment nicely with the polo, I think that the look will not be a too dressy, because of it is shorts. So, don't be afraid to have a more formal vintage shoulder bag. For shoes, I have white lace-up shoes. One thing is that white shoes definitely make you seemed taller, aren't it?! Or a nude shoes, especially in your skin tone or color.
Not to forget, your fave sunglasses to go;)

 Well well, I managed to took some pictures with my friend and pretty restaurants in Soemyon Area. It felt like the first year all over again when I first came to Korea. I felt like a tourist! haha.
 Also a snap with me and Totoro!!
 Pics by Saras.
Round Sunnies - Kyobo Bookstore
Polo Shirt - Uniqlo
Shorts - Uniqlo
Vintage Shoulder Bag
White Lace-up Shoes

 I went to a dessert cafe named Tokyoloose 도쿄루즈 @ Seomyeon 서면. I ordered a super nice and heavenly custard pie-thingy which name I don't recall. The dessert so so good! I also ordered a berry ade with real berries! I heard from my friend that the cafe is super famous that people from Seoul also came here to dive in the sweets. Thanks Filia for the recommendation;)

To be honest, I really want to show the cafe interior and stuff, but my camera is definitely old and has some problems with the batteries. So..:( As soon as I get the camera fixed, I will definitely put on more pics and fun stuffies! Thanks for reading:))

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