Monday, October 28, 2013

OOTD: Rainy day & ORANGE!

I love the rain as much as the stars.
Another post I managed to put up in the midst of busy busy week:p So many things to do this week, well starting from the exam week to Indonesian Night preparation, also the school project I've been involved in, well oh well. But, I seemed to get the time to slacking off a bit, which is to blog, watch lil' bit of tv (Carrie Diaries anyone?:)), eat and eat. I find those more as a good break, really.

 On to the OOTD, I know summer is over here, which is sad and good at the same time. Sad that sometimes I hate the chills, but I also love my jackets & stockings! This OOTD anyway is still summer-ish themed and sort of easy rainy day outfit I would called say. It would definitely be appropriate for those living in tropical countries. Well, not as cold as Korea now;;

  Love the "carrot" beanie as I like to call it, I found it on sale in the men section of Forever21. It's the right amount pop of color in this black & white outfit. Still obsessed with white shoes, I think it makes you look taller since I am not the tallest girl around. The cut-out shoulder definitely my favorite summer trend, it's an understated way to show some skin, I think!
Cut-out Shoulders T
White Shorts
Beige Shoulder Bag - H&M
Orange Benie - Forever21 Men
White Shoes
BTW, miss my long long hair:"
This week seems so much has going on, next week seems to be a lot more hectic as there's so much things to do. I can't really imagine how next week will be. I will be having 'an official' presentation in Korean which is rare. I wouldn't say my Korean is the best, especially speaking. It is super duper nerve-wrecking. But, I guess life's about challenges and something new, so.
Well, happy autumn & beware of the cold(sad that I already caught it)!
 To be honest, I took these OOTD pics in the summer. There are actually more of summer OOTD I haven't posted due to my laziness;; So, I'll post some summer & autumn-themed OOTD back and forth in the future.
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 On Repeat: Elliott Smith - Between The Bars

Ever since I saw the movie "Stuck in Love", I've been kinda obsessing over this song.
What a beautiful dark song.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

OOTD: Laid Back Checkered.

1. Having a pattern of alternating squares of different colors.
2. Marked by periods of varied fortune or discreditable incidents.
-English Dictionary

Oh hello folks! well, it's been a while since the last OOTD post, by the way I think I should really be creative with my posts, right? Haha well, maybe not only OOTD all the time, any ideas? Probably a review of movies, a song.. nope, a band maybe, a cafe? haha next when I had the right amount of time I can invest in, sure those "creative" post will be posted:))

On the OOTD! I was trying to put up a look that is laid back and easy, effortless for sure. I really like the trend of tying your checkered shirt on your waist, I think it's so effortlessly cool! Haha. Anyway, any black top would work, but I just have to wear this black crop top from H&M I've been loving. It's been my favorite all summer, so better wear it before the crop top era dies down and the cold autumn arrives!
 For Jeans, I choose a rather high-waisted boyfriend jeans that tighter at the bottom and a chunky heeled white shoes. Heels are always great with boyfriend jeans, and white shoes are not to forget, it elongates your leg:)

 Crop Top - H&M
Checkered Shirt - Vintage
Earring & Bracelet - Forever21
Shoulder Bag - Vintage
Shoes - GMarket
Red Matte Lips - FaceShop
Thanks Filia & Saras for the photos and sure we always had fun taking those OOTDs:D

A little of my life is that it is definite that I have been pretty busy these past weeks! School stuff really got me, sure there have been some slacking time here and there but still. So, while the midst of busy week, I get the mood for writing:D But, I did many things as well these past weeks like going to Busan Kyungsung Univ. Fashion Festival & BIFF! I'll update in the next post:))

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Music: On Repeat.
 Love this song, dance, hair and style in this video!
Hands down one of the most fierce woman in KPop:D